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Fresh Wave Odor Removing Vacuum Beads (5.25 oz.)

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Vacuum Beads (5.25 oz.)

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When your vacuum is sucking up crumbs, dander, and dust, it’s also sucking up bad smells. These odors can get trapped in your vacuum bag or canister, making your room smell worse every time you’re trying to freshen it up. We’ve got a simple, plant-based solution: Fresh Wave Vacuum Beads. Toss a capful into the vacuum bag or canister and the powerful beads eliminate odors using natural ingredients – no harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Bonus: they keep your vacuum fresh between uses.


Product Details

How it works
Fresh Wave Vacuum Beads eliminate vacuum exhaust odors. The powerful beads continuously release natural plant oils to neutralize odor molecules inside your vacuum canister, so when you turn it on, there are no lingering odors or funky smells.

Leaves no fragrance behind
The entire Fresh Wave line is designed to eliminate odors at the source. We don’t use perfume or fragrance in our products, and all the scents come from natural ingredients like lavender, pine needle, and lime oil. The scent dissolves as the vacuum bead solves odor. All that’s left is freshness.

How to use
Use in central vacuums and traditional vacuums, to get rid of pet odors in the house or in car interiors! Replace beads monthly or as often as needed. Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use. Each 5.25 oz. Fresh Wave Vacuum Beads container consists of 10-14 uses.

Over 30 years of science
Our odor-fighting formula has been developed with over 30 years of solving every kind of odor—from landfills to water waste, from everyday household odors to smelly shoes. Our natural chemistry is what makes us different. We’re not masking odors but truly eliminating them.


Best For

Pet Odors
Pet owners know how important it is to vacuum regularly, yet your vacuum machine may start to trap odors from your pet’s fur and dander. Give your vacuum a fresh start with these vacuum beads, which eliminate exhaust odors inside your vacuum for a fresh sweep, every time.

Bagged Vacuums
Bagged vacuums are super hygienic and a great way to reduce allergies from vacuuming. These odor-removing beads make the perfect pair. Simply toss a capful of beads into the bag, and switch to cleaner, fresher sweeping.

Canister Vacuums
These beads aren’t designed to be tossed on a rug or carpet and then swept up. They go directly into the canister of your vacuum, removing odors within the machine, so it’s fresher when you use it and even stays fresh between uses.

Cars and Vehicles
Clean and deodorize your car interiors with extra freshness. When you clean out your car and vacuum up crumbs, dust, debris, and whatever else your kids have lost in the backseat, you’ll also be refreshing your vacuum.



Vacuum Beads
Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), Proprietary natural plant oil blend; Trade Secret per Uniform Secrets Act (For more information, visit the International Fragrances Association's website at**, Lime Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Anise Oil, Clove Oil, and Tocopherol Alpha.

See full list of ingredients here.


How to Use

Step 1
Toss a capful of Vacuum Beads into the bag or the canister

Step 2
Replace beads monthly or as often as needed; tossing out used beads

* Not designed to be poured on the floor and be vacuumed up




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