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Dirt Devil Type U Bags (3-Pack)

Dirt Devil Type U Bags (3-Pack)

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Fits Models: M086020, M086300, M086030, M086310, M086370CA, M085600, M086410, M086010, M086420, MRY7050, M085570, M086300CA, M086305CA, M089200, M086320, M086320CA, M086425RC, M086430, M085585, M086035, M085610RDI, M086500CA, M086305, MRY6000, M086325CA, M089400, M085575, M085610RED, M086305B, M086345, M086310CA, M086325, M086350, R086300, M086505, M086425, M086550, M085650, M086520, M086400RC, M086320B, M086510RC, M086500, M086540, M086321, M085580, M086345B, M086365, M089410, M089470, M086430CA, M086435, M085585RED, M086365WCA, M086400, M086505CA, UR30080, M086340, M086500B, M089220, M086370, M086420CA, MRY6000PS, UD30000, M085700, M085610, M086350CA, M086330, M086325HD, M086325B, M086315, M086345TT

Disclaimer: Product received will be either an OEM or an aftermarket replacement part.

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