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The Original Bee's Wax Furniture Polish

The Original Bee's Wax Furniture Polish

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"There is only one Original and only the Original does it all!"

GLASS AND MIRRORS: Just a touch of Bee’s Wax Polish cleans and protect windows, mirrors and even windshields. Bee’s Wax anti-fogging properties make this perfect for bathroom mirrors.

COUNTERTOPS: Bee’s Wax Polish protects and enhances the natural brilliance of granite, PaperStone, marble, and quartz countertops. Bee’s Wax Polish protects from spills of acidic liquids such as coffee, orange juice, lemon, etc., and never leaves a greasy feel.

APPLIANCES - STAINLESS STEEL & METALS: Beloved by many for removing and protecting against fingerprints, Bee’s Wax Polish is perfect for stainless steel appliances. Also cleans other metals: copper, brass, silver, and more.

SHOWERS: The perfect answer to soap scum buildup on shower doors and tile walls. Surfaces stay vibrant.

LEATHER: Bee’s Wax Polish moisturizes, cleans and restores vibrant color to leather furniture, car seats, shoes, purses, and more all with no greasy feel.

WOOD: Wood furniture is Bee’s Wax Polish’s claim to fame. Use on both antiques and everyday furniture to restore and preserve the natural beauty of wood and prevent dryness. Bee’s Wax Polish won’t fingerprint and leaves no wax buildup ever. No buffing makes it a snap to apply.

WOOD AND METAL DRAWERS: Bee’s Wax Polish eliminates sticking for easy sliding in file cabinets and chest of drawers.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Musical artists know Bee’s Wax Polish brings to life pianos, guitars, violins, and other instruments. Bee’s Wax preserves the finish and enhances the true beauty of the wood.

ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS: A quick wipe of Bee’s Wax Polish cleans and leaves a dust repellent on artificial flowers.

AUTOMOTIVE: Bee’s Wax protective and fog resistant qualities make it perfect for car windows and windshields.

Directions: Spray surfaces lightly and wipe immediately with grain. Do not allow product to dry before wiping.


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